Whenever we live in a place or we go to the place where our phone network is not working properly, then to deal with this problem a signal booster is introduced to the market. This system forms a wireless cellular boost up the network. It improves the signal strength and helps to hear clear sound in fewer network signals. Sometimes it happened that the voices on the phone are not heard clearly. The internet on mobile also not worked frequently or sometime in cant load any website page and buffering may occur on watching videos. This is the worst part when mobile signals are found weak. To deal with all those network problems the cell signal booster introduced to the market. You can buy a signal booster online also. One of the websites offers a signal booster is: https://www.cell-phone-signal-booster.com. Signal boosters are categorized into two types. Analog booster and other is Smart booster.

Analog booster: It is the basic amplifier or signal booster and is also known by the name BDA which means a Bi-directional Amplifier. They are used for all the mobile phone carriers and their frequencies and came as a broadband booster. In analog boosters, the exterior antenna comes separately. They want to be installed and assigned properly at the place where signals are weak. The approximate frequencies of the analog boosters are between 63db to 70db.

Signal booster

Smart boosters: Same as their name this booster works smartly for the enhancement of the signals. They are digital boosters that work as a booster as well as before broadcasting it also cleans the signals. It really works smartly as they are carrier-specific and works at specific frequencies. Their frequency is much more than analog booster and gains 100 dB. These boosters do not require any installation like analog boosters. Their exterior antenna is inbuilt with the amplifier so the process to install outside antenna on the exterior surface not required. They also don’t want any internet service through home broadband connection to work.

Cell signal boosters are available in the market according to the need whether it will be required for the home or for your vehicle. In-home signal booster the setup is designed in the way to be fixed in one place. The vehicle signal boosters are designed to use it in your car or any other vehicle. They are movable and comes with different frequencies.