If you are mosting likely to have a family pet crayfish, there are a few points you might want to take into consideration. After having a pet crayfish for practically three years, I have discovered a number of crucial aspects of pet crayfish treatment. To begin with, storage tank size is going to be rather crucial if you plan on having a crayfish and also various other fish. For one, crayfish are extremely dirty animals. A crayfish can filthy up a container rather rapidly by the waste it generates. Because of this, I would certainly suggest at least a twenty gallon tank. Personally I have had the ability to maintain my own crayfish in a 10 gallon container. Nevertheless, doing so called for a lot more regular water changes in order to maintain the container looking fresh and also clean.

Also, a bigger tank will provide more area for your crayfish and various other fish. This is good as crayfish are extremely territorial animals. Crayfish are aggressive animals. They are omnivores that like nothing more than obtaining their claws on something and consuming it. They have no problem consuming various others the fish in your storage tank, the plants and even other crayfish, if you have them.

So if you plan on having other fish along with your family pet crayfish, get fish that are likewise aggressive. Fish that swim near the top of the storage tank and also who are quick job terrific as well. Currently I have hatchet fish and a red tail shark in my twenty gallon container along with my family pet Red crayfish. The red tail shark has actually been coping with my pet dog crayfish for concerning 2 years. It is exercised very well since he also is hostile, swims near the top of the container and is a rapid swimmer. This does not suggest that my crayfish does not try to nab him up every so often, he does. Keep in mind, fish that are sluggish and swim near all-time low of the aquarium, where crayfish dwell, are likely to be eaten. I have actually lost a few fish at an early stage due to the fact that they were slow-swimming fish.

My experience has been that if I keep my red swamp crayfish for sale fed well, they are not always as hostile. Certainly, the more hungry a crayfish is, the most likely it is to try to hunt down and catch your various other fish. So keep your crayfish fed, however certainly do not overfeed him. Your crayfish needs a hideout. Once more, crayfish are territorial and also like to have a place to burrow. This is especially real and essential when your pet dog crayfish molts. Because when a crayfish molts, he as well becomes a target to various other animals in the container, as he is weak. Hideouts are affordable and can be bought at any kind of pet shop. Or you can  make them out of PVC pipe.